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Bon Iver won Best New Artist and Best Alternative Album at the 2012 Grammy Awards, for their 2011 self-titled album.On September 25, 2012, Vernon walked away from Bon Iver temporarily, virtually putting an end to the band for the time being.After the new pictures of Diddy and Lori hanging out surfaced, Twitter users trolled Justin with hoards of memes.Justin De Yarmond Edison Vernon (born April 30, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.Justin Combs is getting a roasting online after his father, Diddy, is rumoured to be dating Combs' ex-girlfriend, Lori Harvey, step-daughter of Steve Harvey.Rumours have been bubbling lately that Diddy is said to be dating Lori Harvey, step-daughter of Steve Harvey.

In 2010, Vernon played Orpheus in Anaïs Mitchell's album Hadestown.

He is best known as the primary songwriter and frontman of indie folk band Bon Iver.

Vernon attended Memorial High School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where he still resides today.

The 10 song self-titled album Big Red Machine was co-produced by Dessner, Vernon and Brad Cook, and features approximately 40 collaborators, including Bryce Dessner, Bryan Devendorf, and Richard Parry.

“My daughter’s not on the show, so that part of my life no one will really get to see. But I do talk about what I’m going through, I just don’t bring the cameras in that side of my life.”“I’m a man’s man.

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