Is ann coulter dating a liberal

Whether it’s America’s shift to the right or the rise and rise of America’s motor-mouth, talk-show culture, or the popular rebellion against establishment media or the emergence of a new Republican babe-ocracy, Ann Coulter represents it all.Especially the coarsening of the public conversation, say her liberal accusers.For while The West Wing’s Ainsley is eventually tamed, realising that even liberals and Democrats are human, Coulter remains outrageously contemptuous of anyone to the left of Bush.The TV networks, the French, the liberal wing of the Republican party–she hates them all, and says so with a vitriol that shocks an American media still rather prim in its habits.

Eric Alterman, one of the sharpest writers on the American left, has just published a book that is, in large part, a response to Slander. and, on the website tied to the book, he devotes an entire appendix, “Fact-checking Ann Coulter”, seeking to establish that her work is riddled with inaccuracies, distortions and, yes, outright lies.

“That girl sure has some mouth on her,” says one Democrat strategist, shaking his head in quiet disbelief.

“She’s an oral copulator for the Republican party.” What he has in mind are Coulter apercus such as her 1998 observation that her dilemma during the Monica Lewinsky affair was whether Bill Clinton deserved impeachment or assassination.

The sweeping extremism of her statements coupled with her consuming self-confidence: it’s a compulsive combination.

Faced with a TV anchor, she doesn’t sit still or polite. One has ABC News’s Bob Woodruff jabbering, “Well, if it, if–if, in fact…” before Coulter pounces again. Like a train wreck or a prize fight, something about Ann Coulter makes you sit up and look.

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