Iphone camera updating library

If you delete a photo from the "My Photo Stream" album, it will delete the photo from the photo stream and you can keep a copy on your i Phone or i Pad.

This can be useful if you take a lot of screenshots or take photos for reference, such as taking a picture of furniture while you are shopping.

"Shared Photo Stream" is a feature Apple introduced after My Photo Stream.

Instead of uploading every single photo taken, you can choose which photos to share to these private photo streams.

The shared photo stream doesn't have a time-based limitation, allowing you to share photos and keep them indefinitely. The shared photo stream has been rebranded as i Cloud Photo Sharing.

But the biggest difference between the two services is that i Cloud Photo Library keeps a full-sized copy in the cloud and doesn't have a specific maximum number of photos and videos.However, because it takes up part of your i Cloud storage limit, you can reach your maximum allocation.Because i Cloud Photo Library is stored on the web, you can also gain access to your photos through a web browser.You may not want these photos on every single device.But other than the name, Photo Stream Sharing has remained basically the same.

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