Ica dating

In this he argued that the stones were evidence "that man is at least 405 million years old" and for what he calls "gliptolithic" man, humans from another planet.He said that "Through the transplantation of cognitive codes to highly intelligent primates, the men from outer space created new men on earth." Later, Uschuya recanted the forging story during an interview with a German journalist, saying that he had claimed they were a hoax to avoid imprisonment for selling archaeological artifacts.In 1968, Pezzia published his findings, including drawings and descriptions.Cabrera's father had begun a collection of similar stones in the 1930s, and based on his interest in Peruvian prehistory, Cabrera began collecting more.The stones have been used by some creationists to claim that humans lived in proximity with dinosaurs, which contradicts evidence that the extinction of dinosaurs predates mankind by approximately 66 million years.

As a result of weathering, they have developed a thin patina.None of them reported the discovery of carved andesite stones.Nevertheless, carved stones which had been looted by huaqueros, grave robbers, began to be offered for sale to tourists and amateur collectors.We understand that in radiocarbon dating, each sample is unique.For this reason, ICA treats each one of your samples with special care to determine the best applicable protocol.

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