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**« ot Mws “j* 6 * well snpportw LT of the case, m.partlctfc ..’ eakdown of comm uni ca- Tn ^ ex e * osei * .

Sandra - .eseribed in the report as id heartless." is, serving '■ear? : report of an official into Steven’s death ' 4 \ ■?

Rejoining his unit in December, Weathers fought during the German Spring Offensive, but was gassed in May and did not return to his unit until the following month.

He participated in the Battle of Hamel in July, the Battle of Amiens in August, and the Battle of Mont Saint-Quentin in September.

cut back could thus pave the way for toe probably expect farther progress from a peak of some £46Qm.— hoped-for swing back to profits, toe streamlining of the at . have taken toe formerly vice-chairman of the flr m gja W f^ a- cut -of 11 per line ■ that Its ; interest charge Midland Bank, staff had by last ce St^&TO- rate, which would shou M he pitched hbeh enough to year been -reduced by nearly [. fresh look, at Outstanding property loans are gptole L the.

a “tap” stock in u Mgjfein lending rate, operation to prevent a short- their manage m ent of the 'Jtg Hgury bills were trading at term jump in interest rates markets. L-, 7 i t TOTj»ays.interwt on its sup- «gt rate on -the- ^lifeboat” cash In return, though, it would port: r loans— already . Leonard Mather, VSB&.i&afd.'is believed to be mittee appears to.

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30th January, 1*76, did bettei in the oi^er events*, only to fall into one of her when, as is normal these aays, centrepiece, is mentioned in best price was £480, well above Justim.*aa on the isth day or January Juad«r was- 'on dio-ith dav of Januarv A- - gj* auiattije. tne rate OI OTta The rise of Graham Stilwell Justko on the 13th day of 'January j Justice was on the- 7th day .

tab SEat to-day’s weekly tender This could arise from the co- has happened recently, following am Sftrigger a drop of as much incidence of tax payments— in* the virtual sell-out of the £750m.

U Util, Company Hews 9 - 3 Laban- Mna IS 32 U*H te Artides .-» : M ’ fl-wm » . I^Lex' : ; » 2W2 An ami Matters .^ IS ,2 Mtebta K*w« 22 2 Now Markat .

Webb ( — ) conducted in pounds rather than per sa L on the instructions of the gmter th M John Lennon played Mrs. Another oositlon She and Miss Mottram, who and a slightly earlier library many items, prices could be 'unusual item was a gold disc P The decision to put Cor and has already beaten Glynis Coles, bookcase, both bought in. which, had been awarded to Mottram in joint first place is will undoubtedly threaten the ^ Top price was the £2,000. Apern, for a mid-Georgian inches high, made by Paul Storr, At Sotheby’s, a silver sale • year. more than bu per cent, or tne Th e regiment was part of suggesting increased confidence of The Co mpani e s Act, .

Jones, an d its first' fu nature sale to be aderable attention is the dis- Jjn JWfi SS n Wd R- D. a George IU cylinder bureau the historical associations «'f ments on Tuesday. ^HAResk : vietimaf Alhe, Tannerand Kodw Mi* Wade can keep youth at sattnwood card tab* £ U—m "USSd K SRUI .t AJFBMS i3Hn3gg»T& among them) had bigger repu- ba.

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