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According to the experts, the data were obtained by exploiting the recently discovered Cloudbleed, a flaw that was causing the leak of a wide range of sensitive information in the Cloud Flare infrastructure, including authentication cookies and login credentials of numerous organizations using the popular service.

Three Unpatched, but Already Disclosed Windows Flaws While Microsoft has delayed this month's Patch Tuesday and already has to patch two already disclosed, but unpatched vulnerabilities, it is hard to say if the company actually included a patch for this vulnerability discovered by Google in its next roll out of patches.The experts at the security firm Guardi Core observed, hundreds of attacks during a 30-hour window starting at midnight on February 12.The attacks were launched by the same IP address (109.2), likely a compromised mail server, and were all hosted by In short, the vulnerability affects all Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 users.You can know more details about the recently disclosed flaw on Google's bug report blog, along with proof-of-concept code that causes a crash of the browsers, though sophisticated hackers can build more dangerous exploits as well.

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