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You write to these women through the post office to contact them.

Paper Dolls does not provide email service through our email address to anyone listed on this site.

In fact, we’ve found 12 sites created just for inmates and those who want to date them.

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That doesn't change how human we are, how we need to be loved and cared for, how we long for acceptance from other human beings.

Female inmates seeking pen pals oftentimes need a friend they can talk to.

Some female inmates are looking for love and acceptance. Writing a prisoner on-line is not for everyone, but for those so inclined, it can be a wonderful and heart warming experience.

Bureau of Justice, in 2009 more than 2.3 million people were incarcerated and 90% will be released one day.

Recidivism is greatly reduced when an ex-offender has support from family or friends, to return to after incarceration.

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