Feelings when divorced spouse starts dating

Dating while separated, but not divorced is a tricky subject.On one hand, it’s natural to want to find companionship and move on from your marriage.If you’re divorced, or have ended a long-term relationship, well-meaning relatives and friends may encourage you to start dating again soon.But how will you know when you're ready for a new relationship?

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“Everyone ends a relationship by grieving the emotional investment.It’s normal to feel lonely and vulnerable after a divorce, but that isn’t a reason to rush into a new relationship. If you’re just looking for someone to fill the gap left by your ex, you won’t make the best choices for yourself.If you genuinely like someone, that’s a great reason to start dating while separated.On the other hand, you’re still legally married and some ties are still there.Some relationship experts will speak against dating during separation, but not divorced.

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