Eve portrait not updating

Some of the wishlist items have already been seen light: New features: Nearly a week ago I published the first integration of the Aegis sovereignty changes into DOTLAN Eve Maps.

I even had to replay (reprocess) some of the crest request from the archive to fix data that I broke with some […] " data-url=" class="dot Social Share dot Social Share Button" Hello fellow pilots.

Purely relying on the crest result in this case can be tricky).

In the last post I’ve started a list about things that I wanted to add as additional features at some point in the future …

Set your destination and add additional waypoints as you like.

I’ve created a few screenshots […] " data-url=" class="dot Social Share dot Social Share Button" It’s now around 36 hours ago that the XML & CREST API have been turned of and send to the virtual graveyard. But don’t look back the most important thing: DOTLAN Eve Maps has successfully been migrated to the new ESI backend and is now running smooth for around 2 days.

I can honestly say that the Eve Online community is one of the best communities I’ve ever been part of.

From the gameplay itself, 5 awesome fanfests I’ve attended, the feedback of thousands pilots to the support of the community when I’ve upgraded my hardware and the donations I receive from time to time.

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This way you can feel the blackout but you don’t lose the ability to navigate into “unknown” 🙂 UPDATE: I’ve lifted the blackout for low-/highsec systems. CCP Games decided to change the local of nullsec systems into delayed mode. CCP Games decided to change the local of nullsec systems into delayed mode.This means it behaves like wormhole space and you don’t know who’s around you until they reveal their presence.Basically recreate all background daemons to make use of ESI instead.In preperation for the switch to ESI (I haven’t started yet) I’ll try to do carve out some dead wood on the dotlan tool chain.

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