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The material is limited in that it provides references to prominent and infamous South Australians who are predominantly men.Finn (played by Rob Mills) became a free man on Neighbours earlier this week as the court acquitted him of his past crimes following glowing testimonies by the likes of Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne).While your family is unlikely to be featured in the news, you can still get an indication of their life experiences by reading their local newspapers.In South Australia newspapers can be located at the State Library of SA and the interactive map adjacent will display regional lists.At this time the coverage is limited to 1836 to 1917 as every entry has been matched to the SA Death Index.A further 4000 entries from 1915 to 1930 have yet to be checked.. Other indexes helpful in newspaper searching include the Abbott Index at the State Library of SA which lists birth, marriage, death and obituaries in some South Australian newspapers for the period 1837–1936.However, Finn explains he broke into Toadie’s office to leave a rather generous donation for the foundation, knowing full well the Neighbours icon wouldn’t take it from him.Still questioning whether Finn was telling the truth, Bea is proved wrong when Toadie is later seen filled with joy after coming across the anonymous donation.

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Will Toadie ever discover the truth and after months of speculation over whether Finn has changed, does this prove the villainous streak inside him has gone?

Not wanting Finn anywhere near his plans, Toadie strongly rejects the former villain's offer to help him, which only gives the reformed felon another idea.

Knowing Toadie’s office will be empty, Finn breaks into the premises, but not for revenge, as he explains to Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson).

The Keain Index at the State Library of SA lists birth, marriage, death and obituaries in Catholic newspapers marked (K with date range) in the list generated by the map.

State Records of SA has references to published obituaries in series, GRG 56/75 The Biographical Card Index.

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