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Hatoful Boyfriend is a well-written game, which I can't suggest enough. GAME." The only criticism I have is the presence of the occasional spelling mistake. Back when I first played the demo, all I could think was "haha, pigeon boyfriends!

However, most will not find this distracting, especially when faced with such colourful characters and fantastic storywriting.

The art doesn't dictate what the character is feeling, but the art still adds to the experience, filling in the blanks visually, for things that might be difficult for people to imagine (like what a partridge looks like, especially if you've never seen one). But under that girly, heartful exterior lies a plot so deep that it will absolutely blow your mind and change how you view birds forever. With a story that can only be fully revealed after multiple plays, this game offers hours of entertainment and emotional rollercoasters. The plot is like a roller coaster ride at times, and replaying the dating aspect after completing the Hurtful route just adds another level of depth to to the game, shedding new light on the birds. It's certainly unique, and it's definitely got enough content in it to be more than worth the money spent on it.

The emotional aspect of the characters remains up to the readers imagination, creating, in this reviewer's opinion, a richer experience. You will laugh, cry, soil your pants, and once it is over, all you'll be capable of saying is, "THIS. There's a certain complexity to this game that I never saw coming, and it was a joy to experience, even through all the dramatic feelings I had for the characters. Yeah, you're going to romance some birds - but really, it's the best love there is.

The severity of the 'real' plot of the game is only made clearer as you play through the game multiple times and piece together parts you've learned from each branching storyline you complete.

What happened after that was what makes this game amazing. The demo version left a lot of loose ends, which the full does a perfect job of tying together.It starts off as an otome-style dating sim/visual novel with cutout photographs of birds, primarily pigeons.It sounds like the most bizarre thing ever, and for the first couple of playthroughs, it is. Full compatibility for Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.1-10.6 Confirmed compatibility for Windows 7, Vista, with some possible bugs Please take time to play the free trial game to confirm with your system: yes, the entire premise of this game is absolutely insane.Not only are there branches upon branches of story, but more options are unlocked at key decision points as you clear the game multiple times, opening the path for MORE endings!

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