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Watching thousands of people sing together, toast and party atmosphere make you feel good about the world. Head to Brick Lane for some amazing Sunday food markets.I prefer Paris to London, but there is something sophisticated and fun about London.Rail passes make is easy to get from country to country on a relatively small budget.

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Be prepared for late-night dinners and parties til dawn. Besides a great food and nightlife scene, there is a wonderful beach, Gaudi architecture, and history dating back to Roman times. It is one of Europe’s most affordable capital cities with a vibrant music and art scene and a growing foodie movement. Be sure to check out the history museum – it’s one of the best in the world.

Just watch those pints – London is not a cheap destination. The quality of life here is high, the people beautiful and friendly, the cities clean and historic.

True, this area of Europe is not cheap, but there are plenty of ways to reduce your expenses. Highlights for me include Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gotland, Norway’s fjords, and Lapland in Finland. It’s a cheap destination and during the weekends it heaves with people enjoying the bars, cheap beer, and delicious food.

Riding the European rails is one of the best ways to not only get around but see the continent! I feel in love with it the first time I stepped foot in Paris. It would take years to see everything, but, you can get a good feel of the city in a few days.

There are so many amazing cities in Europe that we’d need a top 100 to list them all.

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