Dwt file not updating

This tutorial outlines how to do all the actions that one can complete with a Dynamic Web Template (DWT).

However I go into greater detail in my Free Expression Web Dynamic Web Template Ebook If you are moving from templates or themes to a dwt, then you firstly have to clean your pages of old messy code.

If you want to change your title, keywords or descriptions you can right click on the page and choose Page Properties or go to Code View and do it manually.

Rename the editable from "doctitle" to an appropriate name such as "description" and "keywords" WARNING: With a page that has a DWT attached you must not use Expression Web Meta Tag addons to APPLY your tags, as they will change the editable regions coding of the meta tags and the Expression Web DWT will assume you are trying to change this and ask you to save or restore.

Then right click and choose Manage Editable Regions the Editable Regions dialog box will appear.

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NOTE: The editable region name must be all one word and in lower case and you can call it anything you want, however relating it to the placement on the page helps keep it straight for you.

Go to File | Save As under File Name, name the file Where it says Save as Type: hit the scroll arrow and select Dynamic Web Template *.dwt, press Save.

View Screenshot - Fig 1 - Save as NOTE: You must create an editable region before you can attach a dwt to page, though Expression Web will let you save it as a dwt first.

If you are working on an existing site, then you might want to remove the existing template, and if you used Page Includes save the path to the include at the top of the content when you remove the template for when you have attached the DWT and are selecting the paths to the Include Pages this helps you remember what they are.

Needless to say there are many other scenario's of an existing site.

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