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The entire 24 hour period uses the same offset and the first day in the view determines the offset.This issue also affects the view when the time 'falls back' to standard time, but only if the dual time zones are 3 or more hours apart.There are also display issues when the time zones switch to or from daylight saving time on different dates.Opening the appointment will show the correct time.", "I have 2 twigs.", "We need more drying racks."). I've decided that i need a direct path to my Beefalo. Requested and added icons for Winter Koalefants Summer Koalefants Molehill Burrows Mandrakes Red ... By default, the hotkey is set to G (but you can configure it in the mod config options).

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Working just like the tent, The Mud Hut is craftable under the Structures Tab. Soulmates mod allows for the crafting of Bindings Rings.

NOTE: This mod can slow you game or make it laggy, for more information see: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/t...

Zim is a member of the alien Irken race, and a former Irken Invader.

"Time heals all wounds" and it will fix this display problem - until then, use the Work Week view or select one or more days, beginning with Monday.

When the two time zones start and/or end Daylight Saving time on different dates, the time scale will vary during the delta period.

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