Dlink dynamic dns not updating

I changed the scavenging and then made sure that I selected to scavenge for stale resource records.This did not seem to have any effect on the records. I got an IP address for the DHCP server and saw the hostname. Next I changed the IP address from dhcp to a static one and specified the proper DNS servers.You likely had no way of knowing there would be a problem until you received the notice in your Email.

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If you have any questions or are unsure what to do, we recommend finding a guide that provides more information.

We recommend you use one of the official Dyn Updater Clients.

However, if you use a third party update client it should be configured to send via an HTTPS connection to protect the confidentiality of your data over the Internet.

Unfortunately, as they are all third-party products, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer for support with the device. If your host was blocked for abuse, it probably wasn’t something that you did intentionally.

Hosts are blocked to prevent our system from being flooded with unnecessary updates from broken or misconfigured update clients.

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