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There are few simple steps you can follow to minimize the amount of spam you receive to your inbox. Make sure you have spamassasin enabled on the account from cpanel. Don’t Accept Mail to Users Mailboxes That Don’t Exist!

– Default Address By default all unrouted email will be directed to your main mailbox, where it will use disk space and resources of your account.

The Max Spare Servers value should be set as double the value that is set in Min Spare Servers.

Start Servers Start Servers 5 This directivesets the number of child server processes created on startup.

This means that someone can send to [email protected] you’ll still receive it to [email protected](where inbox is your Cpanel username).

Max Clients Max Clients 150 This directive sets the limit on the number of simultaneous requests that will be served.In the to: field – enter :fail: no such address here Click on Change to save your changes. Cpanel also has the ability to use Mail Filters – a nice little addon that will examine all your messages, sort them, do the action you tell it ad delivery you the results.This is an excellent method and often unused tool that can save you hours and hours of browsing spam. Discard This now automatically deletes any messages that I receive with the subject: Ultimate Online Pharmaceutical so they never even get to my inbox, perfect!For virtualized servers such as VPS accounts, it is recommended to keep this value at 150.For all dedicated servers the recommended value for this setting is 250.

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