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Broadcast stations in many countries have carriers precisely synchronized to a standard phase and frequency, such as the BBC Radio 4 longwave service on 198 k Hz, and some also transmit sub-audible or even inaudible time-code information, like the Radio France longwave transmitter on 162 k Hz.

Attached time signal systems generally use audible tones or phase modulation of the carrier wave.

Not all RDS networks or stations using RDS send accurate time signals.

The time stamp format for this technology is Modified Julian Date (MJD) plus UTC hours, UTC minutes and a local time offset.

Reception is generally better if the clock is placed near a window facing the transmitter.These use signals transmitted by the appropriate transmitter for the country in which they are to be used.Depending upon signal strength they may require placement in a location with a relatively unobstructed path to the transmitter and need fair to good atmospheric conditions to successfully update the time.There is also a propagation delay of approximately the receiver is from the transmitter.A number of manufacturers and retailers sell radio clocks that receive coded time signals from a radio station, which, in turn, derives the time from a true atomic clock.

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