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Aggressively disturbing plotlines about things like rape are delivered with perfect irreverence.Unlike the classic “very special episodes” on television, here not a single lesson is learned.She kidnaps a baby, then holds a funeral in a bar—complete with a tiny casket filled with the dead body of an alley dog—to fool the agent into thinking the baby died. “Darkest thing we’ve ever done,” her brother agrees.Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties Several children are dropped off at an Irish bar in South Philly to participate in a beauty pageant that is under investigation.Eventually, several people squat over a newspaper in the hopes of matching a fresh specimen with the one in question.

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And, after finishing its ninth season, it’s undeniably deserving of our praise.It’s a testament to the brilliant minds behind the show. Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare Two middleclass thirty-somethings ditch their day jobs when they discover a more lucrative career: unemployment.Soon, the pair are sitting on a stoop, drinking cans of beer out of paper bags and singing along with a boombox blasting Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend.” In the middle of the afternoon.The New Yorker’s Emily Nussbaum, in a love letter to the show, extols its unusual edginess: “In a fairer universe, it would be heralded as not merely the best sitcom on television but one of the most arresting and ambitious current TV series, period.” (It’s Always Sunny hasn’t won an Emmy.)So how does a show that frequently features “whores,” the phrase “banging,” and the nagging feeling that any second a character will be showered with feces or stabbed, manage to be so binge-worthy?While superficially about drinking, dirty pranks, and get-rich-quick schemes, It’s Always Sunny doesn’t shy away from news headlines.

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