Deeper than dating podcast

Each of us may have gone through different things, but we’ve all felt the same emotions.

In order to build an emotional connection, share moments in your life where you’ve felt the same emotions.

Show your emotions, elicit their emotions, and then connect the two.

When I teach in our Residential bootcamp, I will tell the story of my father passing away and my girlfriend breaking up with him.

As a result, attention has become one of the scarcest resources — and one of the most valuable.Audio recordings will be posted to our Sound Cloud page the following day and released on the Patreon page.The overall aim for this project is to provide direct access to what is happening inside, without interference from state or corporate actors.People who can truly listen have a unique edge in a world fragmented by distraction.They deal not just with stimulus but with engagement, not just with interaction but with connection. Yet the other person felt the need to ask the question.

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