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There's a main flaw in the plot: I think that, even in the States of the 1930s, a common citizen couldn't freely shoot a gangster.In my opinion, the best one is Claire Trevor, in the small part of the lost girl.I normally dislike kids on the screen, but I must concede that here they give great performances, playing the gang of street-boys.The site, which launched in 2006, had steadily climbed the ranks in the piracy world to become the second most popular torrent site, observing millions of daily views.Torrent Freak adds: "Extra Torrent with all mirrors goes offline.. Stay away from fake Extra Torrent websites and clones. ET was a place to beâ¦." Torrent Freak reached out to Extra Torrent operator Sa M who confirmed that this is indeed the end of the road for the site.

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