David gallagher and megan fox dating

I am pretty sure that Dave, who is obviously young, rich and handsome, has got a certain charm when it comes with ladies.

If you perform a survey amongst his millions of fans, I am sure you will find more than 60 percent of them to be women.

Recently, he was seen to be with Jillian Grace, and if they are still together, their relationship is 9 years long, in 2015.

With a height of only 5 feet and 10 inches, Dave has maintained his physique and seems to be very conscious.

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Despite rumors regarding him being sexually gay, there are no proofs to this rumor.It's hard to imagine certain celebs together, but A-listers, just like the rest of us, have romantic pasts.Sometimes these relationships extend beyond their time in the limelight …He has not been married till now, and has got neither wife nor any children.To know more about him, you can go through his biography in sites like IMDb or Wikipedia.

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