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before it, the Netflix original reimagined what a TV series can accomplish when it first dropped all 13 episodes of its season at once. Here are seven of Fincher’s best remains Fincher's magnum opus.

He left ILM to direct a commercial for the American Cancer Society that depicted a fetus smoking a cigarette in 1984.

Fincher also finds stand-out performances from each member of the cast, including the criminally-underrated Jake Gyllenhaal.

is the perfect study not only in how to adapt literature to film, but also in how to enact unreliable narration on screen—how to take the voice and perspective of a narrator (that unique feature of literature) and Conceptually, the founding of social media giant Facebook should make for a seemingly dry non-fiction viewing. Who could've thought that One of Fincher's lesser-known films stars Michael Douglas as an investment banker who finds himself trapped in a reality-bending game.

Just because it's last on this list doesn't mean you should skip it.

Sasha Stone July 11, 2019Awards Daily There is a short list of films I consider to be perfect; that is, I’ve watched them over and over again and they not only work every single time, but they have no weak spots and just get better and better with each viewing. You can’t imagine anything making the film better, and if you removed one tiny piece of it you would ruin the whole thing.

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