As a result, we think they are very conservative about sex because this is the only thing that is displayed to this real, or just a public image because nobody talks about sex publicly?My friends think I'm wrong, but I seem to think that people are a lot more liberal about sex in private.

I've been living in Indonesian (in West Kalimantan) for the past six months or so.On the surface, it seems like no one has pre-marital sex, because it's so frowned upon due to the muslim culture; young people simply meet, date, and carry out a very innocent relationship, usually with the goal of getting married at a young age.I've also heard that once married, missionary is basically the only thing performed, and it's not necessarily viewed as a pleasurable experience, mostly just a dutiful experience for the purpose of having kids.I think pre-marital sex might be a pretty regular occurence at least among those younger than 25. How much sex do people have before or after marriage, and how is it viewed (pleasurable, dutiful, etc? Is infidelity common (I've heard of men wanting to get a second wife, much to the chagrin of their first wife).tl;dr, I'm just curious about how much sex indonesians are having.IMO, if you put boys and girls in the same area (especially in smaller cities or rural areas where there are not many sources of entertainment), sex is inevitable. do not know the secret word we use to start a raunchy discussion about sex?

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