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Remember: taking the test more than three times may be a red flag for some admissions committees for the simple reason that a strong applicant should demonstrate good judgment in investing in other parts of her application package instead of obsessing over a single element.

All that said, if you’ve made the decision to retake the GMAT, it’s time to diagnose what went wrong in your first attempt and remedy any problems.

In contrast to the scenarios described above, these instances relate to elements that are more or less under your control: the quality of your study plan and of the materials you’ve used, test day anxiety, and so forth.

Procrastination and intermittent study translate into poor test performance.It’s also worth mentioning that a lot of people feel more comfortable on their retake because they have already gone through the whole process once and thus are more familiar with the testing conditions.A method that I’ve personally tested when feeling anxious is taking a few seconds to “talk yourself into” ignoring the stress and trying your best under the circumstances.You must have the right GMAT books for your GMAT prep—period.Here are my recommendations: Depending on what you already have, you should come up with a shopping list to complement your strengths and target your weaknesses.

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