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“Thank God that’s not the case.”He chuckled and gave me a squeeze. “I’ve never felt so amazing.”“I wanted you in my life from the beginning, Mal. “Even if it meant just as friends.”I couldn’t help snorting.So thank you, all of you, just for being here for me!“That casual kiss on my cheek would have meant nothing up until recently, I realized I was in love with him. “And ever since that day, I knew that you were in love with another guy, and that he would sooner or later feel the same way I did.” Cutting ties with her was excruciatingly painful.

Today is just another day, nothing special going on.

Sometimes your best friends can feel more like family than your cousins. When you go through an accident together, when you go through a traumatic event, sometimes that brings you closer together. Jordan No matter how you feel about your extended family or family gatherings you will be attending. Cousins are the barometers of how fun a family get-together will be. – Courtney Cox Cousins are usually the first friends we have as children.

This is because now the ultimate reason for attending family gatherings is for your children to have the time of their lives with their cousins. No one will ever understand your crazy family like your cousins do even if you haven’t talked too much lately.

This weekend, Marc hoped to change that.” ― “If you’d rather skip lunch, that’s fine with me. ”She wanted to smack him.” ― “Loren was the air I needed to breathe; her words were the bricks that kept me pieced together. I didn’t know if I believed in God and eternity but, with her, I felt like I was knocking on heaven’s gates.—Andrew, High School Lover” ― “No, don’t do that!

I’ve got some things to take care of anyway before I can leave the store to Robin for the weekend.”“I don’t want to skip lunch,” he bit out. “Fine, but if you plan on snapping at me the whole time then I’d just as soon you eat alone.”His gaze darkened. “Yes, you are.”Leo started to speak, then paused and let out a huge breath. Damn, I’m just having one of those days.”Amanda smiled and patted his cheek. Marika, don’t play that game with me.” An unfamiliar chill took over his body, burning him from the inside out.

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