Dating with ed

Chris's most fully-realized rationale for his pedagogical plan can be found in an essay he wrote on and later posted on the CWCipedia.

Entitled "Chris Chan’s Heroic Dream for Our Community NOW and in the Future.

But mine is a mutual dream shared with every shy male in the world. How should you approach the person of your opposite gender if you are really shy?

Mine and their dreams could have been made individual realities sooner with a simple, great idea, DATING EDUCATION CLASSES.

The Solution: Dating Education," it was "originally written for a recent 2009 Community Support Contest sponsored by C-Ville's Battlefield Ford." Chris added, "too bad I did not win, but I'm not giving up on teaching our future generations the basics of Dating alongside Sexual Educaiton." The fact that Chris believes that his utterly retarded idea that all high schools in the United States, possibly the whole world, should teach their students how to talk to one another (something most shy people can fix with a counsellor or a psychologist), and should be graded on how they talk to dolls, how well they study a book written by a nine-year old and how well they score on an extremely awkward paper test, as well as the fact that these schools should go directly against American anti-discrimination laws and not let homos into a required subject, with Chris saying that "it will stop people from becoming gay, since gay people usually turn when they're lonely and in their 20's" speaks volumes on how Chris views dating, education and homosexuality. If she/he gives you a wrong number, try harder on that person.

Here is the complete essay in all its glory: I am one of a minority of people in the worldwide population; I am a Shy, Straight Caucasian Male who still struggles as an Adult Virgin.

So really, it's entirely his fault that he has no idea how to act around other humans, much less eligible women. **Here is what I feel is the BEST EXAMPLE of an answer from Chi-Chian of the PSN; Congratuations!

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In my humble opinion, Sex ED is fine for AFTER 3 or so DATES, but HOW DO WE EVEN GET TO THE FIRST DATE?!!!

That is to say that it makes sense for Chris to want some guidance, and to extrapolate that to mean that other people want the same.

However, any such notions will be destroyed in short order should you peruse Sonichu 9, specifically the episode containing DAT 303. Which of the follow characteristics attract your opposite gender best?

” I would like to see Dating Education Classes required along with, before or shortly after, Sexual Education. If the relationship or crush doesn't work out, you...

I envision the teacher starting with the social basics, such as the simple greeting of “Hey, there.

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