Dating someone gorgeous

This shows me that you really care for me and that you'd rather have me because you like me, not because I'm just a pretty face.

And I'd definitely understand and respect your opinions on these things..

Lots of guys looked at her or hit on her, usually when I wasn't around.

Didn't really bother me as I knew she was faithful. She ended up being the biggest, bitchy child I've ever met in my entire life.

If you must venture into that territory, do so tentatively by telling her how a certain color looks great on her or that you like the way she puts together an outfit. If you feel that you do not measure up in the looks department or you feel like starting a major chest beating brawl whenever another guy looks at her, then dating a gorgeous woman is not for you.

This At first, try to plan dates involving activities that she likes to do that involve just the two of you. She is dating you for a reason and it is obvious that you have some great qualities that she sees in you.

But I will say when I do date that kind, I become a much better girlfriend and respect them way more. (UF undergrad here)Yeah, I dated a cute dancer/performer in highschool (loosely along the same lines as a cheerleader), and I get the jealousy thing.

Compliment her instead on her more meaningful traits, for example, such as her kindness, her intellect or her savvy.If you'd rather I don't go to clubs with my girls because I'll get hit on a lot, I'd also rather you tell me that too (I'd be perfectly content just hanging out at home with you or with my girls).In my mind, when you speak up, it shows you care enough to put your feelings out there and potentially seem needy/vulnerable.Just expressing my thoughts/ feelings.edit: clarity Ha alright, I am one of those girls who gets hit on blah blah anyways, yes.I never hear the word no so when I'm dating a guy and he's stern with me or tells me no, we end up in a much longer relationship.

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