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The folks who run Fet Life, as well as many of its members, may cringe at joining the ranks of the dating sites listed here, as the alternative lifestyle social networking site makes a point of staying away from typical 'dating' searches and features found at the other websites on this list.Still, there is a significantly higher-than-average number of poly folk on Fet Life, with a staggering number of local groups catering to those seeking multi-partnered relationships.A woman’s opinion (for a change): I’ve seen written that Swiss women are demanding or not approachable.I understand where this comes from but it’s not entirely correct.

Polyamory, as well as other non-traditional ways of structuring relationships, are increasingly common among all cross-sections of society.

Long story short, it’s difficult for us as well but we shouldn’t judge every Swiss person on that.

Online dating is often found but I’ve never seen anyone that is serious about that.

I’m in a relationship with kids and I tend to consider myself as being “in crisis”. I’ve had platonic, friendly, love relationships, in different places.

Chatting, talking on the phone, sending emails and getting to know new people have been very important for me and very rewarding emotionally speaking.

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