Dating in the dark polish sausage

While these seafood versions are prepared as traditional cozidos, they may appear on menus as Caldeirada or Bacalau.

Regardless of spelling, the dish is rarely cooked in the same way twice.

The origins of these sausages suggest however, that Italians most frequently used these them as main dishes during luncheon or dinner meals.The top of the sausage (that is, the surface of the skin facing upwards) had turned brown. Most meat will "brown" or "gray" as it is exposed to the air and the blood dries up (or drains out). The one on top was probably exposed to air and its surface dried out which darkened it. I am a little more edgy and eat things others don't, but I have my limits of acceptable also.I initially thought that if I just fried them long enough, this would be fine; however, while frying I did a quick search on the web, got spooked and threw them away. I wouldn't eat something a week old unless I was sure it was packed and stored properly.Another interpretation combines chicken with carrots, cabbage, and an assortment of other vegetables, including chunks of potato.Spaniards offer cocidos brimming with garbanzo beans, such as Cocido Madrileno, which marries salt pork, pig trotters, or smoked ham with chicken and sausages.

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