Dating in italian

I know that’s a super idealized, probably fictitious reality, and I certainly don’t want to spend my life as Judy Cleaver, but it does sound a little less complicated.

If you’ve ever lived/dated in a different culture, I would LOVE to hear some of your thoughts and experiences. If you’ve lived in or dated an Italian, do you agree or disagree with my assertions?

By month 4 he was whisking me away to the island of Sardinia to spend a long weekend with his family. But I’ve definitely been on my fair share of dates in NY where splitting the check is a given, or the guy pays for dinner with the caveat of “you can treat us to drinks after,” or – the worst case scenario – the guy has invited you to dinner AFTER you split drinks, and then asks you to fork over your half when the bill arrives.

If you’re doing the inviting, you should at least offer to pay – leave it up to the lady to offer to split.

I could write a whole separate post on that dynamic alone, but the point remains: friends are VERY important to Italians – and when you are dating one, your “dates” are more often than not large group outings with the gruppetto. App culture is not necessarily New York specific, but it does tend to thrive more in urban environments – and is definitely not as ubiquitous or accepted in Italy, where apps either (a) still have the associated “stigma” of online dating, or (b) are used primarily for casual hookups.

I should clarify that my generalities relating to the of my dating experiences in now way should be seen as a reflection of my boyfriend and our dating experience…if it was, we probably wouldn’t be together! but unfortunately, so many people are dating SO MANY PEOPLE – at the same time – that they can’t (or won’t) really afford to put in the effort to make a really awesome first date. Okay but seriously…dating is freaking EXPENSIVE in New York!

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” Pointing at the ground, he says, “I think you dropped something.” “I did? I mean if I didn’t just literally walk into the CHEESIEST pickup line there ever was…There are definitely some differences in dating culture – and I don’t just mean the stereotypical “machismo” that we hear about (though that certainly does exist in the , to some extent). Then step out onto any street corner in Italy and within 10 minutes, you will face a stream of “You’re so beautiful, where are you from?This list is by NO MEANS complete or scientific, just my musings on what I perceive to be some of the biggest differences on what it’s like to date in Italy versus NYC. ” and “Oh wow, .” I’ll never forget the time when I was 19 and fresh off the plane, walking through the San Lorenzo market, when one of the vendors (who quite probably was not an Italian, though I didn’t know any better at the time) said “Excuse me, miss!Think you’re getting whisked away on some motorcycle, racing down the west side highway to have dinner on a boat before crossing the Brooklyn Bridge for spectacular views of dreamy Manhattan? Now I won’t say that those sorts of dates happen, but they are definitely not a “first date” sort of thing. Your first date is most likely going to be a quick coffee, leaving you the option to leave in 40 minutes if you’re not “feeling it.” Or he might suggest drinks…located somewhere conveniently close to his apartment (and not for the reasons you think–more for the fact that we New Yorkers are selfish when it comes to subways and commute times! An average dinner for two (and I’m talking like…one cocktail each plus two mains and a dessert to split) could put a fella back upwards of -100, easy. Unfortunately…finance bros are ubiquitous in New York.It sort of explains the frequent “coffee” or “happy hour” dates – if you’re dating ONE person it’s bad enough, let alone juggling multiple dates per week (This partly explains why my boyfriend [lovingly? You’ve probably seen them – hair elegantly coiffed (better than mine!

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