Dating hoopz rapper ti

Apart from reality shows, Nicole Alexander has also featured in two music videos – Will Smith’s “Party Starter” and Lil Keke’s “Chunk Up the Deuce”.

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Because Flav says he finds it easier to remember nicknames than real names, he gave each of the contestants a nickname by which they were referred to throughout the period of their stay in the house and that was how Nicole got the nickname “Hoopz”.

Nicole Alexander is the daughter of an Africa-America man and an Italian-American woman.

She grew up in a big family with nine people, including her younger sisters – Kortnee Alexander, Erika Alexander, Jenni Alexander, and Meagan Alexander, who is described as the black sheep of the family.

Although the reality TV star is very secretive about the identity of her parents, she usually flaunts her family’s pictures on social media.

In 2015, Hoopz started a reality TV show titled “It Takes A Sister” on Oxygen.

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