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The next thing I knew, his mother was calling individuals in my community to find out about me – individuals who had no idea about any of my struggles and now knew way more about my personal life than I was comfortable with.

His mother even went through the grapevine to find out who my therapist was and called her!

When it came out that I had struggled from mental health issues, a member of the administration politely told me that no student should ever find out. Personally, as someone who serves as a role model to vulnerable teenagers, I questioned if this was the correct approach.

If her son is old enough to be getting married, shouldn’t he be making these phone calls himself?That does not mean that individuals who suffer from mental illness do not deserve to live the same enjoyable, fulfilling lives as anyone else.What many don’t realize is that mental illness can also affect people who have high-ranking jobs, loving families, and gratifying social lives.Mazel Match is a 100% totally FREE 4 LIFE Jewish Dating i Phone/i Pad App for Jewish Singles with a growing worldwide community. Swipe to the right to like, or swipe to the left to pass. Send and Read messages for free, without having to match! When you turn off your GPS, your last location is remembered so you can keep swiping!It was created for the mitzvah of matchmaking to help you find your bashert! If you like each other, it's a match and it's time to schmooze! * Classic list-style browsing still available that shows you everyone (including those you liked/passed) as per your search criteria.* Add up to 5 photos with comments! See when they last logged in, and last updated their profile.

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