Dating coworker

It might be in your best interest if one of you resigns and seeks employment elsewhere if you want your relationship to continue.A growing number of companies are asking employees engaged in romances to sign consensual relationship agreements in which they acknowledge that the relationship is consensual and that the dating duo will not allow their soap opera to play out in the office should the love affair sour, reports Kathryn Tyler for the Society for Human Resources Management.You’ll now be looking forward to going to work like you never have before.Until you’re a full-blown couple, and everyone knows it, you’ve now got an ally behind enemy lines.If you find yourself falling for someone in the workplace, it may be best to resist.Read your employee handbook for any specific regulations your business has forbidding inner-office dating; some companies have rules regarding these matters of the heart.Sure, this can get you all the company gossip you’d like but it can also get you the heads up on where certain promotions are, and what you’ve got to do to get said promotions.

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Getting to know the work version of a significant other before you get to know any of the other ones? You’ve seen her perform under pressure, interact with others and even laugh at workplace pranks when others are too serious to appreciate the minor distraction. ) You know that frantic morning when your car won’t start or the morning greets you with a flat tire? What’s more, if she’s stayed the night (or vice versa), it makes it even more of a likely scenario, and you’ll both save a boatload on gas. It could make things move much, much faster than they ordinarily would, but that’s the risk inherent in all of this, to be honest.And a whopping 31 percent of office relationships result in marriage.So here are reasons why you be pursuing exactly who everyone is telling you not to pursue. No trying to squeeze in time together or “I got this work thing” to keep you apart—hell, .While the axiom, “Don’t mix business with pleasure,” is one that most everyone knows, it isn’t necessarily a rule all people follow.For some, the promise of a relationship with someone who shares similar values on a comparable career path is enticing, making the office into not just a place of business, but also the home of a budding romance.

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