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While .45 ACP is a more powerful round, it isn't very well suited to be fired out of a Webley revolver. For anyone else wondering, (I had to look it up myself) that clip holding the three rounds is a half moon clip.

Apart from the inherent safety issue of firing a round that far exceeds the proof rating in a 100 year old revolver, it doesn't expand to take the rifling like .455 is meant to, thus velocity and accuracy is lost. It's like a speedloader but remains attached to the rounds after you insert them into the cylinder.

Even though .455 is substantially slower than .45 ACP (think some 200FPS slower), I think it more than makes up for it with the additional 30 grains. No issues, my dad owned the revolver before me and it has 100's of both .45 acp and .45 auto rim fired through it.

The .45 Auto Rim is rated by CIP to 1200 bar, or 17,400 psi, while the standard .45 Auto Colt rates 1300 bar, or 18,850 psi.

However, US manufactured .45 ACP ammunition is typically loaded to a much higher level than this; SAAMI permits 21,000 psi for standard loads and 23,000 psi for P loads.

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