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What I've found is that the height difference is only uncomfortable in public if you allow it to be.My current boyfriend loves the fact that I'm a tiny bit taller (I've only got about 1-2 inches on him).Many of my gay friends have been regularly harassed because they were holding hands in the street. Things against the norm attract the most attacks and ridicule but you won't see me hiding away, stroking a cat and disguising a part of my life.Without trying to make it sound like I'm taking a dig at him, if I were a street thug, I'd probably go after a 5'4" guy and his 5'10" girlfriend (more or less, I'm guessing it's within a couple inches) than a 6'5" guy and his 5'10" girlfriend.

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There are many men who are confident and charismatic enough to overcome height difference.

In my experience, short men (particularly those that approach me through online dating) always try to steer our dates into private areas. Nomatter how often I suggest doing something in public they avoid it.

"I will cook you dinner", "come over and play with my cat. It makes me feel like I am an embarrassing secret that no one can know about.

Just curious as to whether any other tall girls experience this problem and everyone's views? As has been said elsewhere I think there may be a thing where taller men think it's okay to hit on a woman who is out with a short guy under the 'you deserve better' guise. I was out with a bf who was 6.5 inches shorter than me once and three guys took objection to this and beat the living crap out of him and then me too.

It also could've been a racist thing, idk, but if he'd been 6.5 inches the other way, I doubt they would have started on us.

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