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It is logically not as high-stakes or heartbreaking as other choices made by characters throughout Hollywood history, for the simple fact that, well, why can’t he do both?“I think KJ likes it when we give him more complex material,” Aguirre-Sacasa adds with a laugh, about how that Archie is worlds away from the scarred-up lightweight fighter on TV now.Notably, he once duetted with a cameo-making Ed Sheeran in a surreal dream sequence that is still available on You Tube.He had brown hair then (in keeping with comic standards, he must re-dye his hair bright-orange every two weeks, though the show has relented slightly and he no longer has to dye his eyebrows to match).Apa films these roles during his hiatuses from filming the 22-episode seasons, so he doesn’t have to make the choice between new adventures and the vehicle that launched him.For now, the play and the proverbial big game are both the thing. ”s, another possibility looms ahead of us, one that seems far more plausible than anything else spinning out in the studio behind us: KJ Apa could also be a rock star.You can think, But,” he adds crucially, “we’re in a completely different universe. Our show is based off of 75 years of stories from comics.

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It co-starred Amandla Stenberg and Common, and looked at police brutality from a young person’s point of view; Apa played the boyfriend, who at one point believes that colorblindness is an appropriate way to address race (he landed the role after another actor was fired for, well, being racist). He hasn’t auditioned in a long time, though he’d like to.

“He’s just getting better and better.”Yet it’s that music or , the new Netflix film cementing Apa as a teen resigning himself to the looming prospect of business school rather than studying music.

It’s a rom-com, and features all the fumbles of first love, and then some: As Griffin, Apa falls for a girl only to learn that his dad is having an affair with her mom.

well, basically everything the show has thrown his way, which also includes a love triangle with that girl and the new girl in town, go out for the wrestling team, and sit through the SATs.

“When I first auditioned, there was no way.”That audition was three years ago. The room we’re in would be nondescript if not for the blue and yellow paint on the walls, and the giant Riverdale High School crest looming over us.

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