Confessions of an online dating addict

Remember, if you’re married but separated, you’re married.

If you’re married and living single, you’re married.

I recommend that women form a ‘committee’ of trusted advisers to help them to navigate all of the difficulties of the process of finding another mate,” Drenner says.

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“The man you are dating may have children he is supporting,” Katz points out.

There’s very little competition for these bachelors—and you can have your pick, if you are willing to make the first move.” “Many women are looking for a ‘good’ partner but have not defined what good looks like,” Drenner explains.

“The more clearly ‘good’ is defined, the sooner your will be able to eliminate those that don’t fit the criteria.” , author and relationship expert.

“If you’re meeting someone online, be sure to spend several weeks getting to know them online first through emails and video chats,” suggests Fisher.

“It’s also recommended to do a background check to ensure they have no criminal background and aren’t already married.

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