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It made it feel too much like work for me so I abandoned it. I kept it up for a while but found it too much like work. A couple years back I went to Las Vegas and on the advice of someone on this board, I stopped at the Fuente store at Caesar's Palace casino for a cigar and mohito combination.Mostly I started that sheet to keep track of what I did like, and didn't like but it quickly became moot as I seem to remember what I like quite well. While there, I bought 4 of the "house" Fuente cigars.

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What an opportunity a board like this gives to people, now able to voyage into trades with all different kinds of people and effectively try different cigars as well as different ages to the same cigar. The fact that there is a proper time (for some, most, or all cigars) and an improper time (for some, most, or all cigars) to smoke said cigar is what I'm trying to figure out. time you spend within the culture of cigars and the efforts you place in understanding what you enjoy will eventually answer your question. Early on I was keeping up with my cigars on a spreadsheet but it didn't last long.

I will be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary next month, so I don't date cigars. Each cigar he sent me had a sticker with a month and year on it. (Honestly, joking with myself at first, but really thinking about it shortly thereafter.) 3. Is it really that important, and does it really make that much difference? I just started getting serious about cigars a year ago June, so I am very much still a newbie to the hobby.

I also recently purchased a couple great deals from Paddy when he put them up for sale. When would be the best year and month to smoke this one? Are there any general rules to aging certain types of fillers, wrappers, sizes, CC's, NC's, etc? Wife and I took a last minute to a warm country with palm tress & tequila. I do have a very large stash of cigars and dating the helps me from accidently smoking ones that are new and have not had time to adjust, as well as seeing if time improves the smoke or hurts it.

I hope the same remains true for the last one which I'm kind of saving for a special occasion.

..I am still fascinated when I see an experienced smoker make a comment like, "this cigar would be amazing with a few years of age". A couple years back I went to Las Vegas and on the advice of someone on this board, I stopped at the Fuente store at Caesar's Palace casino for a cigar and mohito combination.

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