Christian ronaldo dating

who he has raised with his mother whilst keeping his biological mother's identity secret.Ronaldo's impressive stats, good looks and intense workout regime have made him one of the world's top sports personalities and the face of several modelling campaigns.We love and admire you, champion." On November 12, 2017, Rodriguez gave birth to their daughter Alana Martina.Ronaldo quickly took to Instagram to shared the news and posted a photo of himself, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., Rodriguez and their new little bundle of joy.

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"I want to personally thank the hospital for the impeccable attention they've given us before, during and after the labor.

The two started low-key dating until the press spotted the soccer stud at Disneyland Paris with the Spanish beauty in November 2016.

Rodriguez had studied dance and English in London and was reportedly working as a Gucci sales associate before meeting the Real Madrid superstar.

The couple was recently in Abu Dhabi before the holidays and spent Christmas together with their families.

In less than a year, this couple added three children to their family and they wouldn't have it any other way.

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