In the beginning...16 MAPS FOR EDITOR, NO MISSIONS ATTACHEDIF NOT UPDATED: go into Steam/Steam Apps/common/Men of War Assault Squad 2/mods/metatrons map pack and open the file with notepad, there change this line to the newest version (in... The Germans hoped to weaken the Soviet offensive potential for the summer of 1943 by cutting off a large number of forces that they anticipated would be in the Kursk salient.

The Kursk salient or bulge was 250 kilometres (160 mi) long from nort...1946 - Unthinkable Option.

This is a small scenario of german invading russia. Take 5 men and put a stop to this by:-Disabling 4 Flak guns.-Planting explosives on the center TWO pylons in the p...

Latest version of mod: 0.5.3It is a campaign in which variety of missions will be included, with different goals and tasks. First mission in this campaign will be about a small outpost of soviet forces.

Requires GSM Fields of Honor XII mod Can only be played in GEM editor (have no idea how to make missions show outside the editor)1945 Last Days of the Third Reich Storm the heavily fortified positions of remaining german SS divisions and break th...''Wilkommen Soldat! ======================================Mod requirements: GWR Realism Mod You and your battalion were ordered to capture german airfield.

For two years now, our armies have been pushed back across the great Russian plains, all the way back to our homeland. The Führer has ordered a massive counterattack that must turn the tide and push those Bulshe... After easy battle you got information from your scouts that you have been caught in a trap in enemy territory two days since the battle began Mission accessible for now only from editor. Requires GSM 12Commander, The Germans are using this facility to produce materials vital for the production of nuclear weaponry.

The only way back home is by crossing the channel and you can already hear the enemy approaching...

You take on the role of the British Expeditionary Force, surrounded at Dunkirk.


The map of a mission is submitted in my understanding, but is not most realistic! January, 1945, the Germans have one last ditch effort to turn the tides of a loosing war. Mission Pack 1 ( Single Player Only )------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mod is not compatible with Robz, GSM, Valour, cheats mod or any mod that alters gameplay.... There are and will be Historical Battles and Semi Historical missions. AS:2 versions & improvements by Mopar5 Missions SP & COOP ( untested in COOP )-----...Sp mission only in skirmish mode VERSION: 18 January 2... Battle of Ponyri July 7 1943SP/COOPThe battle of Ponyri, like many battles, happened for no particular reason as to occur where it did. Bonus Missions of men of war assault squad, christmas_sale and summer_sale, modified by me, january 2016.--------------------------SUBSCRIBE: After installing this mod, activate it in the options. Battle for Normandy is a continuation from my Into the hedgerows mod.The rail station and the small town that surrounds it have no military value. This mod is about a story of Max Kramer who was a leftenant during the battle for Normandy.

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