Avoid the 10 most dangerous dating mistakes men make

You need to show her a little interest and then balance that interest with displays of disinterest; this will always keep her guessing about you and keep you a challenge in her eyes 7.Talking About Negative Things When you meet a woman never talk about anything negative.A woman judges you by your style, how you are groomed and how well you take care of your body.A woman wants a healthy, clean, stylish man; not a slob.So from now on forget about impressing a woman and instead focus on connecting with her.Get curious about her, her life, her dreams, passions, struggles; once you do this the woman will feel very connected and safe with you.

A lot of men get too excited when they get a woman’s contact info and start calling too much, texting too much or writing very long facebook messages to her; all these behaviors creep women out so don’t do them.

You need to always keep a woman suspended between hope and doubt; a woman wants a challenge.

The second a woman knows that she can have you, she loses interest in you.

When you are thinking about what you are going to say next you lose the intimate connection that is necessary to develop with a woman in order for her to feel attracted to you.

Instead of thinking about what to say next, be in the moment, get present in your body and really listen to her.

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