Are tanith and evan still dating are hermonie and ron dating

It's a rarity among American and western European men in that sport.Johnny was robbed, not in the free skate, but in the short program.They withdrew from the Grand Prix Final for medical reasons.

he'd be making the statement that gay skaters can simply be gifted skaters, without all the frills and lace and shopping sprees.I'm betting - early- that worlds will end with a 123 of Weir-Lambiel-Lysacek. There is a certain common sense missing from this current scoring system.And just so others who happen by know who we're speaking of (or for the gays who just want to look): Evan Lysacek: Johnny Weir: Stephane Lambiel: Jeffery Buttle: Weir has had a pretty strong year actually, and even tho I'm not a huge fan of his, I thought he should have outright placed first over Lysacek. I like Evan a lot but if he can clutz his way through the majority of his jumps, yet still score the highest total for Long Program ever, that is bogus. We'll see a high point earning program win the gold despite being emotionless and meaningless.but those guys seem comfortable enough in who they are that they don't need to flaunt their heterosexuality at every competition... evan seems to have picked a pretty "high profile" (in the skating world at least) girlfriend who - conveniently enough - is usually at the same televised events/competitions as he is, making it suspiciously easy for TV cameras to capture nice screenshots of the two of them together to confirm that he is - indeed - 100% straight. as an aside, he and jeffrey buttle would make such an adorably cute couple.out of all the male skaters internationally, though, i'd give lambiel or daisuke takahashi the edge over lysacek, for sure.

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