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People love sticking numbers on things, usually in order to compare and contrast them with similar things. After all, what webmaster wouldn’t want to compare and contrast his or her website with that of a competitor? The feature they are probably best known for is, of course, their “Alexa Rank”: a metric that ranks websites in order of popularity or “how [well] a website is doing” over the last 3 months.One of the most well-known metrics aimed at allowing people to do exactly this is the infamous Alexa Rank. Well, historically heaps of people tend not to trust it as an accurate indicator of what it is supposed to be a measure of. Note: for more on the history of Alexa Rank, check out this earlier post of ours.An algorithm then “Corrects” for various potential biases and attempts to compensate for visitors who might not be in Alexa’s measurement panel (a factor it historically hasn’t always tried to accommodate for) and normalizes the data based on the geographical location of visitors.Alexa refers to refers to the data retrieved from browsers as their “Global Traffic Panel“.Therefore, it is possible for your Alexa Rank to decrease, despite your website gaining thousands of new daily visitors.

You can also view the Alexa Rank of a website by installing the Alexa Toolbar on your browser.

When looking at competing sites, however, by all means take a quick peek at their Alexa Rank for a very rough idea of how popular their website is relative to yours.

In the full Website Traffic Analysis report, Alexa shows you how your audience overlaps with competitors by examining the keywords in both websites and looking at audience demographics.

“, Alexa note that they do not receive enough data from their sources to make rankings beyond 100,000 statistically meaningful.

They also note that the closer a site gets to #1, the more reliable its rank.

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