Adultry webcam chat top 7 dating blunders

Is a live physical interaction still required, or does masturbation to online pornography also count?

What about a webcam encounter with someone half a world away?

Of course, in today’s digital age the definition of cheating is a bit more nebulous than it was back in the day, when cheating meant actual, in-the-flesh sexual behavior with another person.

So what exactly constitutes cheating in the Internet age?

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How about flirting with sexually available people on social media sites like Facebook or through smartphone apps like Skout and Blendr? But in reality the definition of infidelity is unaffected by technological advances.

Infidelity is best defined as that causes a cheated-on spouse or partner the most pain.

Whether the out-of-relationship encounter occurs in-person or online really doesn’t matter; the damage is the same either way.

In many ways, engaging in infidelity is easier than it’s ever been-evidenced in part by the incredible proliferation of hookup websites and “adult friend finder” smartphone apps.

In essence, these sites and apps use technology to unapologetically promote casual sex, anonymous encounters, and marital infidelity.

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