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During the 1950's and 60's the Kapp & Peterson company was still in the ownership of the Kapp family.However 1964 saw the retiral of the company Managing Director Frederick Henry(Harry) Kapp.In the 1960's Peterson hallmarked all gold mounted pipes but apparently they used their own marks on silver.This practice stopped at the end of that decade when they started to have all silver bands hallmarked.Following quote by Kapp & Peterson.- "Kelly's, the well known Dublin landmark at the corner of Sackville Street and Bachelor's Walk, one of the most shot at and fully punctured premises in Dublin, was in our possession practically before the smoke ceased over the ashes of our fine shop under the Metropole Hotel.This was one of the most sensational business captures arising out of the Rebellion." Around 1916, Peterson began stamping their pipes "Made in Ireland" in what is referred to as a block format.Christian chose to become a Doctor and moved to England . In later years they went on to be successful in being awarded additional patents associated with their innovative pipes and pipe stems,including the famous P-lip patent in 1898.Charles Peterson applied for a patent for an improved tobacco pipe on the 8th of August 1890. 1895 Kapp and Peterson moved to bigger premises at 111 Grafton Street Dublin and also opened a new depot in Broad Street London.

The "Made in Ireland" block format came in either one line or two lines.

It is all part of the unique Peterson ownership experience!

When in doubt, study my late, great, old friend Mike Leverette's marvellous reference work, The Peterson Pipe Project, “A Peterson Dating Guide; A Rule of Thumb.”The "Made in Ireland" block format evident on this pipe can be a headache in dating Peterson pipes, since this same stamp was used in the late Patent Era as well as the late 1940s.

Fortunately this one had a hallmark (n)on the silver collar dating it to 1928.

They have been manufacturing pipes as a business in Ireland since the 19th century.

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