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There are a variety of approaches to professional development, including consultation, coaching, communities of practice, lesson study, mentoring, reflective supervision and technical assistance.

OASAS Prevention Framework: What’s it all about and why is it important?

Teen Dating Violence and Substance Use: Presentation and Panel Discussion for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (February 22, 2018) This panel discussion will focus on the following topic points: Introduction of IPDV committee at OASAS, Teen Dating Violence 101 and the OPDV Campaign, Teen Dating Violence and Adolescent Treatment Services, Teen Dating Violence and Prevention Services.

Additionally, we will focus on how youth are particularly affected by these emerging technologies.

A brief overview of the problem gambling prevention, treatment and recovery system as well as updates on service delivery will be presented at the beginning of the presentation.

Emerging Trends and Problem Gambling (July 19, 2018) The ever-growing capabilities of technology have dawned a new age of gambling opportunities and accessibility.

This presentation will discuss the current and emerging trends that increase the risk of problem gambling, and what we can do to help prevent gambling problems.

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